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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"This is the place to go for your pharmacy needs. They always give you personal attention, care for you, and have what you need. It is a wonderful place to shop for gifts as well."

"Fantastic customer service!"

"Best pharmacy in Little Rock!"

"Great local pharmacy!"

"I trust the staff and Pat, the pharmacist, to handle all of my medicines."

"I have been a client for over 10 years, and in that time, I have found all of the staff to be very knowledgeable as they have been able to answer any questions I ask."

"Pat, the pharmacist, is excellent at making sure our medications don't have bad interactions with each other. She is always careful in explaining dosing and side-effects. It is rarely crowded. Smith's Country Club Drug Store is an excellent pharmacy."

"I know I can count on Pat to double check everything, evaluate all of my medications, and make sure that everything is compatible. She consults with me to ensure that I understand how to take them correctly. She is the best!"

"Pat, and staff, at Smith's are very thorough with each and every one of their patients. They always check my prescriptions to make sure there won't be any bad interactions which makes me feel completely secure. They are unlike any other pharmacy I have used."

"I completely trust the Pharmacist, Pat. She tracks every patient with consistency and depth far beyond what I've experienced at other pharmacies. Side effects and prescription interactions are not something I have to be concerned about."

"We always recommend Smith's to our friends. They aren't just a great pharmacy where you get very personalized service and advice about your prescriptions, but they sell other things there too. I really like finding unique, cute little gift items."

"They never sacrifice personalized customer service. To me, accuracy is far more important than speed. I know that Pat will give me great detailed service."

"This pharmacy will always look out for your best interest. They always take into consideration your new, versus current, medications."

"This pharmacy's main goal is your health and wellness. I know that Pat will always make sure that the medicines I'm taking are correct, safe, and exactly what I need. She is the most caring pharmacist that I've ever interacted with."

"A jewel of a pharmacy! Pat and her team are so helpful and informative. They are all so professional AND personable!"

"Without a doubt, the best pharmacy in town! It's the most comprehensive, and professional, pharmacy I have ever experienced. Their consistency and attention to detail is better than any chain pharmacy. The staff behind the counter work so hard to make sure their customers leave the pharmacy happy and with the correct medications."

"Miss Pat and her team are simply the best. Location is convenient too."

You can help Smith's by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!