Welcome to Smith's Country Club Drug Store

Established in 1927, Smith’s Drug set out to provide prompt and courteous prescription services. In the late 1950s, we relocated to our current location along Kavanaugh Boulevard.

As a hometown pharmacy and drug store, we cater to customers who deserve to have their prescriptions filled with the attention to detail and knowledge that they would also expect from their primary care physician.

We strive to meet our customers’ health care needs in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. We encourage our customers to ask questions and seek advice from our pharmacy staff. Whether it’s a new medication or a change in dosage, your safety matters to us, and we certainly want to keep you informed about your prescription information. You can also rely on us for quality medical billing and automatic refills.

Meet Our Staff

Pat Ingels

Owner and Pharmacist-In-Charge


  • Donna Ganaway
  • Tyler Shinabery
  • Pam Stringfellow


  • Steve Ingels


  • Todd Jones
  • Susan Pittman
  • Drew Ingels
  • Parker Johnson
  • Alexis Allen
  • Campbell Marlow